About Me


Yasser Ahmed
Egyptian journalist
Bachelor of Media from Cairo University.
Media Researcher

-Participated in the preparation of the program ( the Street talk ) on the New Dream channel – NileSat Of  with the announcer (Malak Ahmed).
– Interested in web development, software, web design and new media technology.
– Hobbies of broadcasting television and radio programs via YouTube and some radio stations on the Internet.

Visions of thought:
It believes that science is the foundation of existence in the world
And that the best way to live that man develops himself in order to be able to face the challenges of life.

Life is a kind of challenge
On humans to pass through it,

– Intellectually influenced by (Dr. Ibrahim al-Feki
Does not believe the change is easy, nor excessive idealism,
He believes that a change of mind is the first leg and, most importantly for real change disorderly.
– Interactive electronic press

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